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SSML di Trento (English)

The SSML di Trento has a long-standing experience in training and learning Linguistic Mediation, and focuses in particular on oral communication.

The Bachelor’s programme is structured in such a way as to enable students, at the end of their studies, to choose between easily and quickly entering the world of work or carrying on with their Master's studies.

The academic programme is structured as follows:

  • two primary languages to be chosen between English, German, French and Spanish.
  • optional third and fourth language (chosen from one of the four above).
  • chance to attend active courses on one of the other SSMLs, such as additional languages of study: Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian.
  • in-depth study of characterising disciplines (language, interpreting, translation).
  • personalized study plan with the inclusion of specific field subjects (mostly taught in Italian)
  • lab activities (IT, CAT tools, Respeaking).

Our Bachelor's programme offers six curricula which are built based on of what the job market requires:


The essential admission requirement is a High School diploma.

Before enrolment can be formalised, students will have to take an admission test which will assess knowledge of the Italian language (necessary level B2) and the English language (necessary level B1), and a motivational interview with the Director of Studies.

There is a maximum number of 50 places available for each course year (unless otherwise provided for by ministerial regulations).

Why Trento

Anyone who chooses to study at our School faces a three-year period that must prove to be useful, concrete and enjoyable also in terms of personal growth. Trento is a beautiful historical city with a strong vocation for welcoming young people and is surrounded by natural beauty that - in the free time - favours sports and socialising. These are only some of the reasons why in 2022, the city of Trento earned again the first place in the Report of Quality of Life in Italy (Rapporto sulla Qualità della Vita in Italia).

Our SSML, located in a historic building in the city centre, is future-oriented, technologically advanced and modernly equipped for language learning.


The SSML of Trento has the individual enrichment of all our students at heart. This is why it promotes, especially within the Community, exchanges, cooperation and mobility between education and training systems.

The internships will take place between festivals (Festival dell'Economia, Trento Film Festival, Festival dello Sport, Oriente e Occidente), trade fairs, national and international sporting events (Trentino Volley, Winter Olympic Games) and many other public and private events that require a language or translation service.

Occupational Outlets
Numbers speak for themselves:
- more than 60% of companies have a clear shortage of candidates with a high knowledge of foreign languages;
- it is estimated that 3 out of 4 job offers, in order to face a globalised and competitive market, will require a high level - if not bilingual knowledge - of at least one foreign language;
- in Europe, 90% of companies of all sizes looking for staff set knowledge of at least one foreign language as an essential requirement;
- in Italy, 70% of companies require new recruits to have knowledge of at least one foreign language;
- those who know several foreign languages well have many more career opportunities and can earn 10% to 20% more than those who only know one language;
Here we suggest a list of careers which require the language and technical knowledge that our students have at the end of their academic course:
Careers involving the specialized use of the Italian language:
- Journalist (news, editorial or special correspondent)
- Marketing, advertising and public relations representative
Careers involving the specialized use of foreign language in oral language mediation:
- Italian and/or European Parliament
- Government delegations
- Conference centres (trade fairs - Expo)
- Public administration
- Free market (companies, boards of directors, hospitals, universities, etc.)
Careers involving the specialized use of foreign language in written language mediation:
- Literary and publishing translator
- Technical/scientific translator for business, film and the web
- Translator specialized in sectoral micro-languages (tourism, economy, technology/science, journalism, medicine, law)
- Professional translator assisted by CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation tools)
Careers involving the specialized use of Italian and foreign languages with transversal skills:
- In public institutions (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Court of Auditors, Prefectures)
- Multinational companies
- Hospitals (advising healthcare personnel, accompanying and facilitating interviews in emergency rooms, reception of foreign patients)
- Public administration consultancy in the legal field, for courts and/or law enforcement agencies (telephone tapping, interrogations and international trials)
- Social structures (reception of foreign users and support in the process of social inclusion)
- Public structures such as Employment Offices, Employment Agencies and Labour Agencies
- In companies: meetings, business trips, company visits, accompanying visiting foreign delegations, product presentation and company marketing management
- In tourism: accommodation facilities, organisation and promotion of territorial tourism (national and international), tourism promotion companies, travel agencies
- Trade fair and convention management
- Organisation of major events
- Management of international collaborations
- International marketing
- Transcriber: automatic processing of language through the use of voice recognition softwares
- Subtitler (audiovisual translator)
Contacts and further information
The School is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
You can find us in
Vicolo Santa Maria Maddalena, 22
38122 - Trento (Italy)
Tel: +39 0461 178 0253
Email address: 
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